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Toto neorest air bath SE

Toto neorest air bath SE


Toto ABA991X#01FCP neorest air bath SE with Hydrohands
The Neorest air bath offers a luxurious and relaxing bathing experience. The HyrorHands water feature gently kneads the bather’s muscles, using the water’s motion as it spirals along two axis, which produces a soothing massage effect. Complete with settings that control everything from water temperature to depth, the Neorest Air Bath allows you to create an intimate escape.

  • 151 gallon capacity
  • 15 individual air jets
  • 1 hp blower
  • 300 W heated air injection system
  • 2 cascading shoulder warmers
  • Cascading faucet
  • 9.1 gal/min. Max filling
  • Hand held shower
  • 2 Underwater lighting modules
  • LED lights
  • Extra thick cast acrylic construction
  • Air Bath mainbody with pillows
  • Push button controller stand with audio guide
  • Hydrohands
  • A tankless water heater is recommended.